WHALE! starring Ankit Love (Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival & One Million Views on YouTube)

WHALE! on IMDB. Ankit Love gets endorsed by America's Got Talent presenter Nick Cannon, as the "extraordinary artist and filmmaker... born to take over the world, with his cosmic message of Universal Love." Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love - Spill the Milky Way (Top 20 Hit on Pulse TV Las Vegas)

Top 30 hit on US radio charts. Starring Latvian movie star, Rain Elwood. Watch the music video cut on Orange TV France. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love - Beethoven Burst (No.1 Hit on MTV USA. Played at the House of Blues, Hollywood)

Download the club remix for free by Ankit Love. Watch on MTV USA. No.1 Hit on MTV HIVE TOP 100 USA. Nominated for two music awards: eWorld Music Awards, Hollywood - Best Pop Act, & All Indie Music Awards, Hollywood - Best Alternative Artist. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love on ITV News with Rags Martel. 2016 Mayor of London Candidate.

Ankit Love, was the youngest Mayor of London candidate, in British history. His Highness Ankit Love, the sovereing Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, at the time of his coronation in March 2015, in exile in London, became the world's youngest incumbent sovereign head of state.

Ankit Love, techno-progressive Prime Minister of India candidate, on London Live TV

Ankit Love is the youngest Prime Minister of India candidate in world history, as covered in India's most prestigious weekly, Outlook magazine. Ankit Love in May 2015, was the first man in the world, to bring techno-progressive ideology into mainstream consciousness. What is techno-progressive?

Mist Magazine Commercial Directed by Ankit Love (5 million views on YouTube)

Starring Polish supermodel Katja Zwara. Soundtrack Electric Lightning Lady by Ankit Love. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Close Shave Society Commercial Directed By Ankit Love

Shot on location at the Gore Hotel, Queens Gate, Kensington. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

AU79 Fashion Brand by Ankit Love

Starring Miss Poland UK, supermodel Natalia Czarnomska. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Nicole Coste Fashion Lookbook AW15 Produced by Ankit Love

The fashion brand of Monegasque princess Nicole Coste. Produced by Ankit Love Films. 

Ankit Love on London Live TV. War on Air Pollution Pandemic.

Ankit Love's, fight for clean air, will save more lives than ever before, in human history.

Ankit Love's Interview with Lucy Pasha-Robinson. (SW Londoner News)

Ankit Love, is the youngest man in British history, to be nominated three times for parliament. His revolution for clean air and energy, will save 7 million people dying each year, from the air pollution pandemic, which is now far more deadly than malaria, HIV/AIDS and climate change combined. The world loses $5.1 trillion annually, form the air pollution pandemic, making it the single most expensive issue for the world economy.

BIRC Magazine VIP Launch at Tramp Club Directed by Ankit Love

Founded in 1969, Tramp is the world's most prestigious nightclub. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Knightsbridge Brazilian VIP Event Directed by Ankit Love

Cover photo: Monegasque princess Nicole Coste, and Arab princess Nivin El Gamal. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love - Why this Kolaveri Di (top 20 hit on Pulse TV Las Vegas)

Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love - People Are My Favorite Thing (as seen on Style-City Music TV USA & Voice of America TV China)

Top 100 hit on US radio charts. Shot by shot remake by a fan from Vancouver, Canada. Broadcast into China by United States of America federal government funded, Voice of America (VoA) TV channel. Ankit Love fans singing, PAMFT in the streets of Canada. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love, Hailed as Prince of Peace by International Media

Ankit Love is hailed as prince of peace by international media, as he secures 33,861 first and second preference votes in the London mayor election, more than the entire adult populations of the sovereign principalities of Monaco, and Lichtenstein. Download "33861 Prince of London" track for free.

Ankit Love Is The Emperor in London (as seen on AOL - America on Line)
Making Ankit Love's "Spill the Milky Way" on location in Barcelona, Spain

Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love's Runners (feature documentary premiered at the Cannes Film Festival)

Soundtrack from the album Forever by Ankit Love. Produced by Ankit Love Films.

Ankit Love, The Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, in Rajasthan Patrika News

Rajasthan Patrika, one of India's most popular news sources, features Ankit Love, HH the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, from the royal family of Udhampur, and his vision to end homelessness in London. Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir movie coming soon.

Ankit Love On The Chrissy B Show, My Channel TV